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Nature category cover image


Bring the outdoors in with videos that invite a sense of wonder, calm, and exploration to any website or project. Follow birds swooping through the coast, campers enjoying #tentlife, or enjoy a stroll through the forest, plus many more from our collection of nature videos.
People category cover image


People videos are all about the people! Did you know people respond much more positively to marketing that shows human faces? Have a product that is all about people’s interactions? About a specific demographic, or activity? If so - this should be the place for you to find your best fit.
Love & Relationships category cover image

Love & Relationships

Love is in the air with videos that will give you the warm and fuzzies. Find footage of romantic proposals, playful families, and heartfelt embraces.
Business & Work category cover image

Business & Work

Business and work videos are all about showing different work environments, from working at cafés to open-plan offices, working from home, developing, drawing, creating and more
Fitness category cover image


Showcase your fitness, adventure, or leisure brand with videos that evoke energy and activity. Our fitness catalog includes gym workouts, park jogs, yoga stretches, surfing sessions, and many more activities.
Lifestyle & Wellness category cover image

Lifestyle & Wellness

Evoke health, happiness, and everyday living with our catalog of lifestyle videos. These videos are perfect for your aspirational brand - from fashion and health to homewares and blogs.
Aerial Videography category cover image

Aerial Videography

Take your audience to new heights with aerial videos shot by drones. Aerial videos offer a distinctive view on faraway landscape or a new perspective on the ground you cover every day. Far-flung exotic beaches? City bird’s eye view? Treetops swaying in the wind? With their unique perspective, aerial videos convey a premium experience, and are perfect as backgrounds.
Pets & Animals category cover image

Pets & Animals

We don’t have to tell you how beloved animal videos are, do we? Our four-legged friends are a no-brainer for animal-related services, but can engage an audience well beyond that. Explore our catalog of cuddly kittens, grazing sheep, playful puppies, exotic wildlife, and more.
Zoom Virtual Backgrounds category cover image

Zoom Virtual Backgrounds

Want to work from a sunny beach? a place where it’s winter? Missing the corporate feeling of skyscrapers in the background? Or maybe you want to pretend you have a pet? We've got your back(ground)! Hide your messy room with beautiful video virtual backgrounds for Zoom.
Food & Drink category cover image

Food & Drink

Food videos whet the appetite and add a culinary visual punch. They are a great fit for any food related businesses, whether it’s a restaurant, food delivery service or even a travel related site.
COVID-19 category cover image


Showcase how the pandemic has shifted our lives. With footage of empty cities, people in masks, and frontline workers caring for others, these videos reflect our current moment.
Work from Home category cover image

Work from Home

Beautiful work from home stock video footage for use on your website or any project (personal or commercial). Find high quality royalty free videos on Coverr
Travel & Wanderlust category cover image

Travel & Wanderlust

Satisfy wanderlust with inspired travel videos that invite a sense of exploration. Perfect for your hospitality brand, travel blog, or to simply evoke a sense of wonder, our footage spans from desert oases to European charm.
Transportation category cover image


Planes, trains, and automobiles! Reflect forward movement with transportation videos of all kinds, from bustling highways to charming streetcars.
Technology category cover image


Plug in with our popular catalog of technology videos showcasing the latest devices and gadgets in action. Launch your new tech product, show engaged users, or promote your software, mobile, or app development using our free tech videos.
Urban category cover image


Urban videos are the exact opposite of Nature videos. Tap into the world of skylines, pavements, roads, traffic, buildings and more. Urban videos are so versatile that they fit almost any product or service.
Arts & Crafts category cover image

Arts & Crafts

What's more satisfying than working with your hands? A potter sculpting clay behind the wheel, a child finger painting, a knitter creating a cozy sweater. Explore the world of the handmade and bespoke.
Architecture category cover image


Explore a collection of iconic skyscrapers, charming country homes, and the landmarks from the world's most beloved cities.
Backgrounds category cover image


Why have a static background when you can engage your audience with a video? These scenic backgrounds will liven up your website, social media, or screensavers.
Artsy category cover image


Artsy videos are free spirited videos that don’t have any rules to live by. Know why? Because they’re artsy! No matter what product you have, try one of these videos and find your own interpretation to its meaning! ;)
Animated category cover image


Animated videos are pretty unique here at Coverr. While most videos are shot on camera, these animated videos are made of animated characters and settings and should be a refreshing choice for websites that lean towards a more fun and childish look and feel.
Tech category cover image


Tech videos are extremely popular! Are your website visitors tech savvy? Are you offering software, mobile or app development, or launching any tech-related product? Wow them with tech videos that show all the latest devices in action.
Vertical category cover image


Vertical videos are optimized for use on mobile devices. Need a video for your Snapchat ad? For your app’s splash screen? Log-in page? We got your back. These videos are edited in the 9:16 aspect ratio and should prevent you from having to crop any widescreen videos that you might have.
Mood category cover image


Mood videos are those that drive towards eliciting a specific emotion with your audience. Whether it’s Fun, Exciting, Sexy or Calm, we have a variety of Mood videos to choose from for your project.
Animals category cover image


Animal videos are an obvious fit for any animal related service or... anyone who just loves animals! Because who doesn’t like a cute kitten, funny puppy, playing horses or grazingsheep? Animal videos are fun to watch and a great to make your website’s visitors engaged!
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