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Coverr was born out of our own business needs and grown from our passion as filmmakers.

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We consist of forward-looking videos, created to inspire, energize and support you.

Founded in 2015, Coverr offers a catalog of thousands of free, high-quality videos that have been downloaded more than 5 million times and are viewed 1.1 million times each month.

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Coverr began as a side project when we realized that we, along with so many entrepreneurs and startups, needed beautiful videos for the products we build. As filmmakers ourselves, we were already shooting footage in our spare time, so why not give it to the world, absolutely free?

As we continued to work on our businesses, was acquired by Fiverr, but we continue to growing Coverr as our side project — true to its roots.

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We've always been hyper-obsessed with making quality videos accessible to everyone. We started our journey in 2012 when we founded our video production marketplace, was launched with the simple premise of connecting talented filmmakers and film students with great companies looking to create videos — no big, expensive agencies necessary.

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Yes, we said free

There's no catch here. We grew our business by leveraging our talents as creators, but we know that not everyone has the skills or resources to do so. As filmmakers first, we believe that good video deserves to be paid for, so we pay creators to bring you exceptional videos from around the world.

But we share them free to empower entrepreneurs, dreamers, and builders to launch their next project a little easier. So make something really cool with our videos, OK?

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