About Us

Our story:

We’ve always been obsessed with making great videos accessible to anyone.

Back in 2012 we started Veed.me, a video production marketplace that was all about helping filmmakers and film students, work with great companies looking to create videos, without relying on the big, expensive agencies.

Coverr was a side project that we built in order to provide entrepreneurs like us with Free beautiful looking videos, for the products they were building. As filmmakers ourselves, we loved shooting footage in our spare time and give it to the world. Since then, Veed.me was acquired by Fiverr which is where we roll these days. In the meantime, we keep growing Coverr as our side project.

We’re here to make the stock video world better, 7 videos at a time.

F word as a value:

Free. Yes, our videos are free and we’re aiming to keep them that way. Not because we don’t believe that a good video deserves to be paid for, but because we know many businesses can’t afford these and there’s so much beautiful footage out there that will never be used unless shared with the public.

Our mascots:

Why show our faces when we can share with you out mascots that are really making people happy?